Community Planter Scheme

Altrincham's Community Planter Custodian, established in 2014, was our 'Big Idea' - a means by which to showcase the town's community groups and businesses in a way that would improve the town as a whole.  Instantly recognised by North West In Bloom as a success, it not only received a Special 50th Anniversary Commendation in 2014 but also helped us to win the Best Community Effort in the North West award the same year.

Since 2014, our scheme has gone from strength to strength.  There are now 22 planters in the scheme, each one designed, planted and maintained by a different local community group or business.  The planters are owned by Trafford Council but provide a means by which their custodians can both contribute to the townscape as well as build their public profile.

In 2016, Our Altrincham won a 'Be Bold Safer' grant from Trafford Council which allowed us to purchase the materials necessary to treat all of the planters with wood-preserving stain and attach permanent waterproof signage, preserving them for the future.  Volunteers undertook this work both alone and in groups so we say thank you to Bev, Sarah, Chris, Jo, Eric, Donna, Neil, Heather and Jane for their hard work in the hot sun.  Another donation from Tesco Altrincham helped us buy enough signage to attach two to each planter and to buy a cordless electric lawnmower/strimmer for maintenance work.  

Our 2016 Planter Tour Guide will shortly be available to download online.